Technical Director, Materials & Failure Expert

Director (Retd.), CPRI,
Charted Engineer, Visiting Prof and Tech Advisor

Dr. S. Seetharamu received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Science in 1982 after obtaining M.E. in Mechanical Engineering from IISc in 1976 and B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore University in 1974.  Dr. S. Seetharamu worked in CPRI since 1985 and retired as Director in June 2015.  Energy Technology and Materials Engineering are his areas of interest and special thrust is towards management of coordination with the professional working teams for collaborations, accreditations as well as custom specific training programmes.

He has worked in the Industry and also has served as a Faculty at Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan. Dr. S. Seetharamu is a leading Scientist in Central Power Research Institute which is contributing towards the development of Electrical Industry in India. He is recipient of few awards and holder of many patents and member of professional bodies.

Fields Technical Expertise and Interest:

• Energy Technology and Field Engineering Applications
• Materials Science and Engineering

Technical Contributions:

  1. Reviewed Journal Publications                                               : 106
  2. International / National Seminars / Conferences               : 258
  3. Sponsored Consultancy Assignments                                    : 300
  4. Patents                                                                                          : 23
  5. No. of Ph.D. Candidates (Guide/Co-guide )                         : 20
  6. Adviser / Mentor for Research Students                              : 8
  7. Ph.D. Theses Examined                                                             : 9
  8. Workshops / Seminars / Conferences conducted / Coordinated   : 60
  9. Worked as Disciplinary Authority and Chief Vigilance Officer
  10. Worked as Convener of High power committee on R&D at CCAR, CPRI
  11. Worked as Chairman of High Power Committee in CPRI
  12. Chartered Engineer. F-120509-5

Academic Qualification:


Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, 1982
Thesis : Fracture toughness of permanent moulded
magnesium treated iron castings.
Adviser : Prof. Malur N. Srinivasan


Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, 1976
(Foundry Science & Engineering)
Thesis  : Studies on silicon carbide as an inoculant
Adviser : Prof. S. Seshan


Mechanical Engineering, Bangalore University, 1974


Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore, India
February 2013 – June 2015 :

Additional Director,
Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore, India
February 2005 – Feb.2013 :

Joint Director,
Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore, India
Oct. 1997 – February 2005

Engineering Officer Gr.IV,
Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore, India
June 1990 – Oct. 1997

Engineering Officer Gr.III,
Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore, India
June 1985 – June 1990

Senior Engineer,
M/s. Best & Crompton Engg. Ltd., Bangalore.
June 1982  – June 1985

Fields of Technical Expertise and Interest:

I.    Energy Technology and Field Engineering Applications.

• Energy Audit of  Plants and Industries.
• Environmental Audit of Thermal Plants.
• Fuel Quality Impact Studies.
• Remaining Life Assessment of power plant components.
• Renewable Energy Programmes.
• Distributed Power Generation.
• Fly ash Utilization and value added products.

Areas of interest: Microgrid, Energy storage, Solar thermal,
Refrigeration and Air conditioning

II.  Materials Science and Engineering

• Materials characterization and product development.
• Wear and Silt Resistant Material – Schemes
• Thermal Barrier Coatings
• Structural Integrity Studies

Areas of interest:  Materials Technology for supercritical boilers,
Superconducting power devices,
Graphene enabled applications in the power sector.

Technical Reports (Sponsored Consultancy Programmes):

Brief details of the consultancy assignments coordinated in the last two decades are given in the Annexure-I.  This activity has resulted in getting the domain knowledge through networking among the professionals in plants & utilities and R & D groups.  The notable programmes presently in progress are –

1) Consultancy work of Independent inspection of Sampling, Preparation, Analysis and certification of reporting of quality of coal received at M/s. BTPS, KPCL, Bellary.

2) Design and Development of Prototype Drop Tube Furnace Reactor System for coal for NTPC, NETRA.

3) Reduction and Elimination of Persistent Organic Pollutant –  Poly Chlorinated
Biphenyls (PCBs), Prioritizing the Power Sector in India. Sponsored by UNIDO.

4) PAT Scheme (Performance, Achieve and Trade) for thermal power stations at Karnataka and Kerala, sponsored by BEE, New Delhi.

5) Star Labelling: Air conditioners, Refrigerators, lamps and distribution
transformers, sponsored by BEE, New Delhi.

Since 1990, coordination and leadership has been provided for taking up more than 400 assignments on Energy Audit, Performance Audit and Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic work at plants and industries, failure analysis and product development, fuel quality impact and environmental engineering programmes including fly ash utilization.


Seminars, Workshops and Tutorials:

CPRI has made a substantial impact in improving the overall efficiency and the competitiveness of the Indian Power Industry through training, continuing education and also through workshops and seminars.  In the areas of energy, power plant engineering as well as materials technology, more than 60 programmes (Seminars and Workshops) have been conducted at CPRI under the coordination Dr. S. Seetharamu.  List of important ones are given below:

1)    6th International Conference on “Advancements in Polymeric Materials – APM 2015” organized by Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology (CIPET), Chennai, in association with IISc. and CPRI, at IISc. Bangalore, to be held during February 20 – 22, 2015.

2)   International Conference on “Recent Trends & Technological Advances in LED Lighting Systems”, 11 and 12 December 2014.

3)  National Workshop on “Energy Efficiency Improvements and Case Studies in Water Pumps and Pumping System”, 22 – 23 January 2015.

4)   National Workshop on “Hybrid Power Generation”, October 16–17, 2014

5) Workshop on Energy Audit of Buildings and Energy Codes, November 20– 21, 2014

6)   International Workshop on “Influence of Electrical Steels on the Quality and Service Life of Transformers” organized by CPRI at CBIP Seminar Hall, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, on 25.04.2014.

7)   XIII International Conference on “Electrostatic Precipitation, ICESP-2013, along with International Society for Electrostatic Precipitation, 17 – 21 September 2013, Sheraton Hotel , Bangalore and ESP School at XIII International Conference on “Electrostatic Precipitation, ICESP-2013, 16 – 17 September 2013, Sheraton Hotel, Bangalore.

8)   The IEEE 10th International Conference on Properties & Applications of  Dielectric Materials – ICPADM 2012 at CPRI, Bangalore,  28 and 29 July 2012.

9)   International Conference on Emerging Automation and Information Technologies for Power Industry Growth, NSSC Complex, IISc,  Bangalore, 19 – 20 April 2013, organized by CPRI, International Society for Automation (ISA), Bangalore and International Electric Research Exchange (IERE) Japan.

10)   International Conference – POROCER 2008, Indian Ceramic Society, Bangalore Chapter, CPRI, on 01.01.2008

11)  International Conference  on “Polymeric Materials in Power Engineering”, 4 – 8 October 2007, CPRI, Bangalore

M.E. Dissertation project 1974 – 76.

As a part of Masters programme at IISc in the Foundry Science and Engineering discipline, the effectiveness of new inoculants like silicon carbide for Grey Irons was studied both in the lab. as well as at the Grey Iron Foundry of M/s. Kirloskar Electric Co.,  This work also received FAA Jasdanwala Silver Medal Award in 1976 instituted for the best Dissertation Project.

Ph.D work as Senior Research Fellow at IISc. 1976 – 81

Research work was done to evaluate the effect of process variables on the structural integrity of permanent moulded Ductile Irons.  The fascinating aspect was the fact that the Ductile Irons was made for the first time in the country and the evaluation of Fracture Toughness parameter was also done successfully for the first time.

The research experience led to the further improvement of the working knowledge in the areas of structure property correlations using advanced Fracture Mechanics and fatigue crack growth studies, application of analytical facilities like SEM, XRD, Acoustic Emission monitoring studies and application of FEM.  The research work has resulted in further growth in the associated fields and few of the results are cited in the ASM Handbook. Recognizing the value of research work done, M/s. Best & Crompton Engineering Ltd., offered position in the Company and also sponsored the visit in 1983 to USA for presenting a technical paper  in  the  annual  Congress of  American  Foundrymen’s Society, Chicago.

Administrative appointments:

1982 – 1985
Senior Engineer,
M/s. Best & Crompton Engg. Ltd., Bangalore

In-charge of product development and Quality Assurance of heat resistant, water resistant and corrosion resistant, steel castings used in power, chemical, fertilizer, locomotive and cement industries.

1985 – 1995
Engineering Officer Gr.III (1985) & Engineering Officer Gr.IV (1990)
Central Power Research Institute,Bangalore

Involved in setting up Power Station Technology Group, Analytical facilities, and Energy & Combustion Groups leading to setting up CPRI units at

• Thermal Research Centre, Nagpur.
• Fly Ash Utilization Development Centre Raichur.
• Energy Research Centre – Trivandrum
• Materials Technology Division– Bangalore and
• Dielectric Materials Division – Bangalore

1995 – 2005
Joint Director (1997) and
Additional Director (2005)
Central Power Research Institute,Bangalore

Sponsored Consultancy and Demonstration Projects:

• Remaining Life Assessment (RLA) of Thermal Power Plant components, Accreditation (Power Finance Corporation, Central Boiler Board and utilities), and field work.
• Centre for ash utilization technology and environmental conservation (CASHUTEC) under Indo Norwegian Environmental Programme.
• Coal quality impact programmes – Pilot Scale Combustion (sponsored by Central Fuel Research Institute) Coal blending studies at KPCL, Evaluation and Arbitration.
• Appointed as CVO in 1998-2001
• Member of Purchase Committee, Administration and Finance,             Committee, and Works Committee

2005 – 
Additional Director (2005) and  Director (2013)
Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore
• In-charge of Purchase Division, Library, Advisory Committee and CPRI Journal, and Patents.
• Disciplinary Authority of CPRI.
• In-charge of Materials Engg. and Energy Research activities at CPRI.
• In-charge of Capital Projects, Training Division, Accreditations and Collaboration.
• Chairman of High Power Committee and many other Committees (Administration,  Technical, Green Sustainability and Colony Welfare).

Professional Training

Year  : 1983
Name of Training Program : Advanced Training on the operation and maintenance of Optical Emission Spectrometer at M/s Baird Corporation, USA
Name of the Institute : M/s. Baird Corporation, USA
Duration                     : 04 weeks

Year  :1987
Name of Training Program :Advanced Training (two weeks), Evaluation of Fatigue & Fracture toughness characteristics in the Computer Controlled Dynamic Testing Machine at M/s Shimadzu Corporation, Japan
Name of the Institute : M/s. Shimadzu Corporation, Japan.
Duration                     : 03 weeks

Year  :1991
Name of Training Program : Failure Analysis of Plant Components, Life Extension, Combustion and Power Plant Performance at National Power UK, under British Govt. Technical Co-operation and Training Programme (six weeks).
Name of the Institute :National Power, UK
Duration                     :06 weeks

Year : 1995
Name of Training Program : Advanced training (six weeks) on the operation and processing of information  in the Scanning Electron Microscope, Energy Dispersive Analysis of X-Rays and Image Analysis at Leica Cambridge, UK
Name of the Institute : Leica Cambridge, UK
Duration                     :06 weeks

Year : 1995
Name of Training Program : Research Faculty
Name of the Institute : Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan
Duration                     :07 months

Year : 2007
Name of Training Program : Tutorial programme on nanotechnology
Name of the Institute : National Institute of Advanced Studies
Duration                     :05 days

Year : 2012
Name of Training Program : Training programme on “Science Administration & Research Management” from 29.10.2012 to 08.11.2012
Name of the Institute :Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) Hyderabad
Duration                     :02 weeks

Year : 2012 to 2014
Name of Training Program :Various management training programmes conducted at CPRI
Name of the Institute :Professional Organizations
Duration                     :1 to 2 days

Membership of Learned Institutions:

• Life Member, Indian Society of Non-destructive Testing.
• Life Member, Tribological Society of India .
• Life Member, Indian Institute of Analytical Scientists, Mumbai.
• Life Member, Indian Ceramic Society.
• Life Member, ISSE (Indian Society of Systems for Science & engineering).
• Member, ASM , USA
• Member, IEEE
• CPRI’s Representative Member in IERE

Honours / Awards / Certificates received:

• Joint author of the paper titled  “Influence of Steel (CRGO and CRNGO) quality on electrical devices and their metrology techniques” received the 2nd best paper award  in   the  TRAFOSEM – 2013,  12th  International  Conference  cum   Exhibition  on  Transformers organized  by  Indian  Transformer  Manufacturers  Association  and Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore, on 15th November 2013.

• Joint author of the paper received the best presentation award for the case studies at the 8thInternational conference on Barkhausen noise and  Micromagnetic testing  on  11th – 12thFebruary 2010 at IGCAR, Kalpakkam.

• Certificate for excellence in performance in meeting the revenue  target  for  nine consecutive years 2000-2009 (this scheme was operative in CPRI during 1999 to 2009).

• Special shield initiated in CPRI for performance for six consecutive years 2000-  2006 (this scheme was operative in CPRI during 1999 to 2006).

• Joint author of the paper which received Second Best paper award in STAEM-2003,  Trivandrum , Feb.2003 on the paper “Studies on  performance  assurance-structural integrity  aspects  of  alumina  based  25kV  porcelain  insulators,  science  and  technology of advanced engineering materials.

• Letter of sincere appreciation on the technical skills and professional capabilities by  the Director General of CPRI  in July 2002  on  the  R & D,  consultancy  activities,  testing and revenue earning mode.

• Letter of appreciation in  the  tremendous professionalism shown as a leader of the CPRI in the coal blending studies. This letter is issued by MMTC Ltd., and closely endorsed by the Director General of CPRI in August 2002.

• GML Endowment lecture on Material characterization of Power Sector          Components, organized by Indian Ceramic Society, 15 Dec.2001.

• Letter of appreciation in conducting the arbitration exercise with the participating  members  from  CEA,  Bihar  state electricity board and  Coal  India Ltd.  in  coal Analysis & Testing in 1997.

• Certificate of merit: CBI & P 60th  Diamond  Jubilee session 1995.

• Leading member of the project team Erosion of Coal Conduits and improvement of ID fans’ for which CPRI was awarded the best research station award by CBI&P in 1995.

• TCTD training award at M/s. BEI / National Power, UK in 1991

• FAA  Jasadanwala award for the ME thesis on ‘Studies on Silicon Carbide as an Inoculant’, Indian Institute of Science, 1976

Offices and committee assignments held in professional bodies

• Expert Member, Capital Projects, Technology of Engineering Assessment, CSIR,  NML Jamshedpur  (2003 – 2006).

• Vice Chairman, Indian Institute of Plant Engineers, Bangalore Chapter.

• Member-Academic Council:
Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur,
BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore (nominated by VTU, Belgum)
Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bangalore,
Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore,
Kuppam Engineering College , Kuppam,

• Expert Member, KTPP Act Expert Committee, KPCL.

• Member of BIS, Light Metals and their alloys, Sectional committee, MTD 7.

• Convenor of the High Level Committee for Centre for Collaborative & Advanced Research, CPRI.

• Reviewer for the following journals:
Journal of Materials Engg. and Performance,
Bulletin of Materials Science,
The Journal of Polymer Science,
International journal of Biological Macromolecules
The Journal of CPRI.
Polymer Composites Journal


Advising Experience:
Guidance has been given to students working for their bachelors, masters and doctoral programmes.  This has been a part of the contribution to the institutional policies on continuing education, training, and networking.  CPRI has now been identified as the R & D Centre by VTU.  Internship from IITs for post graduate and doctoral work as well as inducting post doctoral fellows and visiting professors as domain experts is also in process.

The detail of the 20 doctoral students for whom S. Seetharamu is the guide / co-guide is given in Annexure-II.  10 students have completed their Ph.D. The list of Ph.D. thesis examined is also provided in the Annexure-II.


Patent applications have been filed on the various innovative aspects in R & D programmes handled at CPRI.  In the materials and energy groups handled by Dr. S.  Seetharamu in CPRI, a total of 53 patents have been applied and he is a co-applicant in 23 patents. The details of the 23 patents are given in the Annexure-III.

For realizing technology transfer and commercialization of patents are routed that for the Innovation, Technology Evolution and Commercialization (ITEC) mission.  The mission scheme formulated by S. Seetharamu. The brief descriptions of these three categories in the form of activities are indicated below:

Activity 1:  Innovation – Successful laboratory development and evaluation resulting in patenting of the novel idea and feasibility studies.
Activity 2:    Technology evolution – involving up scaling of laboratory development, evaluating techno-economic feasibility and technology demonstration.
Activity 3:     Technology transfer, assurance and commercial acceptance.

Reviewed Journal Publications:

Dr. S. Seetharamu, is a co-author of 105 journal publications given in Annexure–IV. The technical and managerial contributions have resulted in a total number of more than 200 journal publications in CPRI.

Author of Chapters in Books:

Dr. S. Seetharamu, contributed to chapters in two books viz.,
1)   S. Seetharamu and M.N. Srinivasan, “Fracture toughness of metal castings” in the Book Science & Technology of casting process, edited by M.N. Srinivasan, in Tech. Open Access Publisher, ISBN 978-953-51-0744-3 in Aug.2012.  As of January 2015, this Chapter has been accessed 4000 times and the top down loads are from USA, India, UK, China and Germany.

2)  V. Saravanan, S. Jayanti and S. Seetharamu, “CFD Study on the Retrofitting Possibilities of Typical 210 MW Indian Boilers for Operation in Oxy-Coal Combustion Mode”, in the Book Sustainable Environment and the Role of Clean Coal Energy, edited by S.K. Mangal and Sanjay Gupta, Publisher Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development (CRRID) Sector 19 Madhya Marg. Chandigarh (India) in June 2014.

International / National Seminars / Conferences:

So far about 258 papers have been presented in national and international seminars and conferences. The list is provided in Annexure-V.


For Annexure I, II, III, IV, V – feel free to write to seetharamu@fatiguedurability.com

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