Design Verification & Validation

This team supports you in verifying the existing design with application with advanced computational technologies and combined physical testing.

Finite Element Analysis

This team supports you in verifying the structure for its static, dynamic, linear, nonlinear, thermal, impact, crash, NVH, implicit and explicit simulations. Advanced simulation team deals with – Wear, FSI, Material Evaluation, Multi Disciplinary optimisation

Fatigue, Durability Evaluation

This team supports you  evaluation of Fatigue, Durability or life assessment.  Mainly deals with – Structural Fatigue, Thermal Fatigue, Vibrational Fatigue, Weld Fatigue, Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue, Creep Fatigue Interaction, Fatigue Property Derivations, Physical correlations and simulation. Prediction da/dN, crack Initiation, FOS, No. of Cycle to Failure, LCF, HCF, design life estimation

Fracture Mechanics & Failure Analysis

This team supports you  Fracture Mechanics Simulation – Crack Growth Simulation, da/dN, crack Initiation, Crack Growth, toughness, Impact, Failure, Dynamic, SIF, M & J Integral. Failure analysis team does an detailed mechanical, material and metallurgical studies in predicting the source of failure, failure mechanisms, mode of failure. basically involves failure investigation and forensic services.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

This team supports you in computational fluid dynamics simulation – laminar, turbulent, multiphase, porous, combustion, radiation, Fluid Structure Interaction, Moving bodies, Thermal, heat – mass transfer analysis.

Bulk Metal Forming

This team supports you in manufacturing process simulation – forging, casting, welding, powder metallurgy, deep drawing, extrusion, heat treatment, sheet metal, welding simulation to check the process parameter, product evaluation and also optimisation

Multi - Scale Material Modeling

This team supports you evaluation of the materials at a nano, meso, micro and macro scale modeling of material through molecular dynamics, quantum mechanics, finite element modeling. Material Characterisation, Material Property Derivations, Calibrations, Virtual Evaluations. Studies includes development of new materials (plastics, ceramics, composites, alloys of metals, etc) to meet different functional needs. Derivation of constitutive equations from the material testing procedures is an involved science

Electonics Evalution : EMI/EMC, Thermal, NVH

This team supports you in evaluating Electronics Systems, Components, Electro-Mechanical Systems like Motors, Generators…etc from Card Level to Board Level for EMI/EMC, Radiation, Signal Integrity, Cross Talk and also thermal Modeling / Electronics Cooling Simulation, Heat Sink Design, Packaging. Mechanical investigation includes Strength, Noise, Vibration and Harshness Calculation for component and board. It also deals with failure evaluation of electronics systems and fatigue life assessment.

Physical Testing

This team supports you physical testing of product – at component level, system level for evaluation of mechanical, thermal, vibration, fatigue life, fracture, EMI/EMC behaviours and certification of the same. This team develops customised testing procedures for a product or process and also develops the machine required for such testing. Testing Manual Development is one of the leading activity carried our with instrumented machine development.

Thermal - Fluid Modeling

This team supports you in evaluating thermal – fluid systems at system level, sub system level and component level. This team deals with tube failure, start up noise, water hammer, Fluid – Structure Interaction with Integrated simulation with mechanical, thermal, fluid, control, electrical and instrumented real time systems.