Thermal Crack / Heat Crack

Thermal Crack / Heat Crack

January 10, 2013

 Hot Tear, Thermal Crack Prediction

Advanced hybrid technique is used (FDM+FEM) is adopted for predicting the Heat Stress/ Thermal Stress. Thermal stress is caused by temperature changes.

Temperature analysis precedes temperature distribution for product and moulds. By performing thermal stress analysis based on the temperature distribution, data for stress and distortion defects can be analysed. Distortions can be due to product and mould, and such defects occur as crack and major defects.

Hot tearing in castings, life of moulds, and similar studies can also be undertaken and predicted. Residual stress in castings is an important factor. Since casting processes involves high temperature, even small stresses can pose  problems.

Hence the information of the stress variation throughout the process needs to be recorded to study the following:
(1) Stress – Process Stress, Residual Stress;
(2) Distortion – In Casting & Permanent Mould; and,
(3) Defect Prediction – like crack, hot tear and fatigue life estimation

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